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Medical Grade Air Purifiers & Cleaners for Hong Kong Homes

Indoor air pollution is often worse than outdoor air pollution. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The polluted air is full of thousands of pollutants, especially the smallest viruses (particle size about PM0.1), including the new form of coronavirus and mold are the most difficult to capture and kill, causing the source of infectious diseases.

Larger pollutant particles such as dust, pollen, dust mites and their feces, heavy metals, microplastics, and various carcinogens (greater than PM2.5) and other air floats, cause allergic symptoms, and accumulate in the trachea and blood vessels after inhalation. Lungs affect your health. Know more about the causes of air pollution, so that you can choose a more appropriate and effective air purifier in Hong Kong!

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Healthway Air Sanitizer Machines

HealthWay of the United States was established in 1981. It was jointly developed with the US military that year. It was originally a military technology air sanitizer. So far, it has been widely used in offices, hospitals, clinics, homes, factories and public facilities. It is a class II medical-grade air purifier certified by the US FDA. We distribute in more than 60 countries around the world.

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With Patented HEPA Filtration System

It has a stylish appearance and is equipped with P1000-20600 Deluxe (for 1000 square feet) and P500-10600 Compact (for 500 square feet). It has a patented sterilization filtration system technology DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System), which uses HEPA filter and plasma technology to kill and filter PM0.007 (7 nanometer) bacteria and viruses (the new form of coronavirus is PM0.06-0.14). Harmful substances such as molds and fungi reach 99.99%, and are classified as HEPA H14 high-efficiency air sanitizer machines. It offers sterilization that can operate non-stop, 24 hours a day. The P1000-20600 Deluxe model can purify up to 118 liters per second at high speed, which is equivalent to processing 250 cubic feet per minute (250 cfm) of air per minute (at 1,000 square feet). A space with a height of 10 feet can purify the air up to 36 times a day), but it is only 45dB (decibel) during operation, which is comparable to a quiet library.

Best Choice for Truly Clean Air

The multi-layer filter design can capture and kill different sizes of suspended particles, organic compounds, odors, viruses and other harmful substances in the air. It can effectively inhibit bacteria from multiplying in the filter, adsorb volatile compounds, and generate plasma to reduce the smallest of air in the air. The virus is dehydrated and killed. The air passes through the final high-efficiency HEPA filter, and the air passes through a 100% completely sealed body, ensuring that users can breathe truly sterile and pure clean air. It is the best choice to improve air quality within your home or workplace.


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