Healthway Story

HealthWay Home Products, Inc was established in 1981 in New York , is now located in the U.S. state of New York Syracuse. After 30 years of development, HealthWay has become the world leader in indoor air sterilization brand. HealthWay technological innovation leading the entire air sterilization industry. HealthWay not only in the manufacturing of air sterilization machine, HealthWay from around the world to provide customers with a more complete set of solutions to indoor air pollution.


In HealthWay, experts , doctors, engineers and scientists from around the world in the field of interior sterilization of the team has improved the lives of millions of people around the world to improve the quality of their breathing. We all use the DFS technology products are the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Listed Medical Device Class II.


More than ten years, HealthWay obtained ISO9001 international management system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification.


In China, we specialize entrusted with Chinese Academy of Engineering, led by the "National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases" test to prove that our products can be 98-100% kill the H1N1 virus and the H7N9 pandemic influenza virus.


Shenzhen University School of Medicine study also proved that our products can be 100% kill dust mites, and can effectively reduce airborne dust mite levels, effectively reducing the incidence of the frequency of allergic respiratory disease . Meanwhile, we also work closely with China , Tsinghua University, Syracuse University, Buffalo University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of Athens, Greece, and other famous institutions provide the most advanced air purification solutions for the guests.


Severe isolation room HealthWay products and technologies have been widely used in hospitals, waiting rooms, dental clinic, a sterile room, family and thousands of cases of commercial applications.


For you, we have been working hard.

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