Disinfecting Filtration System Technology, referred to DFS efficient filtration system is a unique air purification technology HealthWay company. HealthWay submarine inspired by purifying the environment inside a closed military air sterilization technology, after 30 years of development, evolved into today's DFS technology in the world, more than 40 countries to obtain a patent, only in the country, there are more than 20 utility models and patents. Equipped with this technology HealthWay air sterilization machine more by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing, was Listed Medical Device Class II.

The DFS Technology
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The DFS technology combines the plasma reaction generated by the high-voltage electric field with HEPA, uses high-strength voltage to generate the upper and lower two-layer enclosed plasma columns, and acts on the integrated technology of the HEPA filter: the patented technology instantly boosts the household current to The high voltage of ten thousand volts forms a plasma field in the safe space, which completely covers the high efficiency air filter (HEPA) with conductivity and extremely fine fiber diameter density.

The DFS system can not only quickly capture fine particles (dust, pollen, aerosols, etc.) greater than or equal to 0.007 microns, and increase the filtration efficiency of HEPA to the extreme. It can also destroy cell nuclei through a plasma field and kill bacteria, viruses, dust mites, etc. in the air. , Is a sustainable physical sterilization method. Coupled with the closed air duct design, all air passes through this system to ensure 100% purification of the air passing through.

  The DFS Technology
24 hours non-stop sterilization
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